How It Works

Two times a month we provide you with up to 6 meals which are packaged individually and frozen.  The meal consists of an EntrĂ©e and a side.  You add your favorite vegetable or a nice salad.

How simple is that?  You get a few meals each week for those nights you either don’t have time or just don’t feel like cooking.  You still have a few nights a week you can go out or fix something yourself.  What a wonderful combination!  All you do is thaw the meal and then microwave or warm on the stove top and dinner is ready!

We try and use the most natural and healthiest ingredients possible.  It is what we cook for our families … and we want them to eat what is best for them.


The cost for twelve meals in one month is $78.00 per person.  Now, isn’t that a bargain compared to eating out?  And, you get home cooked food – imagine that.  Plus, you get the peace of mind knowing something is ready to eat at home.

You may also sign up for the smaller package of three meals provided twice a month for $42.00 per person.


When you sign up, we give you a menu for the following month.  That way you can plan your own cooking and steer away from similar dishes.

Plus, if there is something you just absolutely do not like on the menu, we will have a list of dishes you can substitute … just in case!

Give us a call and get started today!

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