About Us

Julie and I have been cooking as a team for about 4 years.  It all started a few years before SSC when we began cooking luncheons at our church together.  We found we both have a love for cooking and enjoyed working together.  Julie started SSC on her own and decided she wanted to expand the business and asked me to join.  We try to cook healthy and delicious fresh foods with minimal processed ingredients. We prepare food for our clients how we want our families to eat. 

Kim-I've been married to my husband Dan for 19 years and we have four kids, ages 9 to 16, to keep us busy.  During the early years of our marriage Dan was active duty Navy and we enjoyed moving where the Navy sent us.  We lived in Florida, Texas, Oklahoma and then back to Florida.  Dan left active duty and went into the reserves and now flies as a commercial airline pilot.  We moved back to our homestate of Kansas 9 1/2 years ago.  I'm a self taught cook and have always enjoyed trying new dishes and tweaking things to fit my families tastes

Julie- I am married to Tedd and we have three kids ages 15, 17 and 23.  I have enjoyed cooking for over 30 years and have catered for over 20.  Cooking for my family changed after our oldest went away to college.  He was a football player and I had always cooked in large quanities when he was home.  That didn't stop after he left for college so I began taking meals to friends, and SSC was born.